Central Lutheran School is a member of the Lutheran School Athletic Association (LSAA) which is a league made up of 17 Lutheran schools from the Fort Wayne and surrounding areas.  Central’s vision of athletics mirrors our league objectives in which we strive “to promote and foster a Christian environment of good sportsmanship, proper conduct, and wholesome attitudes for students” and “to emphasize the importance of individual growth and worth through interscholastic athletics.”  Please visit our league website,, for more information.
We offer a variety of sports throughout the school year:

Girls                                                             Boys
Volleyball:  Grades 5-8 (Fall)                        Soccer:  Grades 4-8 (Fall)
Cheerleading:  Grades 6-8 (Fall/Winter)      Basketball:  Grades 5-8 (Fall/Winter)
Basketball:  Grades 5-8 (Fall/Winter)           Wrestling:  Grades 4-8 (Winter)
Soccer:  Grades 4-8 (Spring)                       Track:  Grades 5-8 (Spring)
Track:  Grades 5-8 (Spring)                          Football:  Grades 5-8 (Fall)*

Cross Country: Grades 4-8 (Fall)*                Cross Country: Grades 4-8 (Fall)*

*Not an LSAA sport.  Football is offered through Holy Cross Lutheran School.  C.L.S. students have the opportunity to participate in this sport with Holy Cross and compete against other non-league schools. Cross Country is offered through LutheRun Middle School Cross Country. Contact CLS for more information.

The LSAA provides league schedules and tournaments for each sport.  At Central, we also schedule games against the local public schools to add extra competition.  Central Lutheran School has a long history of quality athletics.  Most recently, in 2010, our Varsity Boys’ Soccer Team, Wrestling Team and our Varsity Girls’ Volleyball Team won their LSAA tournaments.  In 2011, our Varsity Boys’ Track Team, Wrestling Team and Boys Soccer Team won their LSAA tournaments.  The Boys’ Soccer Team won again in 2012 and 2013. In 1999 the Varsity Boys’ Basketball Team placed first and in 2013 placed second in the National Lutheran Basketball Association of America Tournament.  Student athletes at C.L.S. have the privilege to compete at a high level while maintaining the values and environment of a Christian community.