Standardized Dress Code

Central Lutheran School believes that a student standardized dress code reflects the mission of being a
Caring, Loving, Sharing family of Christians dedicated to a Christ centered education, cultivating lifelong
learning for joyful service to the church, community, and the world.

The standardized dress code will reflect our mission by:

  • Promoting a sense of unity and belonging within a student body that reflects the unity we have in Jesus Christ.
  • Defining and providing guidance for modest and non-distracting student appearance within the school.
  • Reducing clothing related conflict and stress within the homes of our students, at school and among peers.
  • Promoting a positive image to our congregations, to the community and to potential students and their parents.
  • Emphasizing that school is a place of work and people dress differently for work than they do for other aspects of life.
  • Allow students and parents to work together to make good decisions regarding student dress.
  • Promote a school climate and atmosphere conducive to the educational process.
  • Enhance discipline, concentration, and school spirit, reduce peer pressure, and increase student safety.

Standardized Dress Policy

Standardized Dress Code Questions & Answers