March 6, 2017


The CLS Gala and Dinner Auction is taking place on Saturday, April 29! This is an exciting event and a fundraiser that makes significant impact on our school. We want to make sure everyone knows how they can contribute or help with this year’s Gala. Please prayerfully consider participating in some way. Whether you participate in one of the following items, or all of the following items, your support will be appreciated!

1. ATTEND THE GALA DINNER AUCTION: It is Saturday, April 29. Cocktails, dinner, silent auction, and a live auction will all be a part of the Gala again this year. If you have not received an invitation, contact John Weber at 493-2502 or [email protected]

2. DONATE AN ITEM, SERVICE, OR EXPERIENCE: There is still time to make a donation to the Gala. We are still accepting items that can be bid on such as sports memorabilia, tools, items for the home, etc. Or, do you, or someone you know, have a business that can provide a service to be auctioned off? Or can you provide an “experience” that can be auctioned off? Services and experiences are often our biggest fundraisers. If you can donate a haircut, home decorating, an oil change, a vacation home, a helicopter ride, etc., please call the school office to let us know. We would be happy to take your information and include your service or experience in our auction.

3. VOLUNTEER: We can always use more volunteers. If you are able to help before, during, or after the Gala, please call the school office!

4. PRAY: Finally, you can pray for the event. It does not matter if you attend, donate, volunteer, or help in any way, everyone can pray for the event. Please pray that we have a successful Gala that continues to raise funds for the ministry of the Central Lutheran School Association.