November 17, 2017

SGO gifts have great benefits. First, the gift is a federal IRS tax deduction. Second, half of every gift to the Lutheran SGO is an immediate credit on the bottom line of the Indiana state tax obligation. Third and most importantly, it will give more children the opportunity to receive a quality Christian education at CLS. Consider the advantages of a $1000 gift by a person in a 25% federal tax bracket. For those who itemize, that gift would reduce the federal tax by $250. Further, whether or not one itemizes, the $1000 gift reduces the Indiana tax by $500. So, a $1000 gift to the Lutheran SGO of Indiana costs the giver only $250. That’s a 400% return on an investment in quality Christian education for qualifying children at CLS. We can be even greater stewards of the gifts we have received from our Lord. Please consider taking advantage of the opportunity to support deserving children at Central. Contact Mr. Creutz in the school office (493-2502 or [email protected]) or go to for more info.