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The preschool program at Central Lutheran School is an accredited, high quality, play-based educational experience for each child, preparing them for their future learning. We acknowledge the unique development of each child and provide varied experiences to foster their spiritual, physical, emotional, cognitive, and social growth as they pass from one developmental stage to another.


There are many options for families to provide the educational experiences and needs that are best for your child and family.

An all day program is available for those in need of all day care.

The afternoon activities for the children include lunchtime, free play, stations, stories, and rest time.


Class Size & Hours

All preschool classrooms have one teacher and an assistant teacher


Class Sizes - Threes: 22    Fours: 20     Fives: 18

3-Year-Old Preschool: 7:45-11:00

Three - Five Day Programs Available

4-Year-Old Preschool: 7:45-11:00

Three - Five Day Programs Available

5-Year-Old Preschool: 7:45-11:00

Five Day Program

2023-2024 CLS Preschool Tuition
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