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Central Lutheran School is a Caring, Loving, Sharing

family of Christians dedicated to a Christ centered education, cultivating lifelong learning for joyful service to the church, community, and the world.

The purpose of Central Lutheran School is to prepare its students for efficient and productive service to our Lord through family, school, church, community, and country, by providing quality education in a Christian environment. 


(Matthew 28:18-20)

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Throughout generations, the vision and mission of Central Lutheran has not varied in substance. The current vision and mission statements stress Christ-centered education to equip our students to be future leaders within the church and society. The Lord has blessed this ministry and it is our prayer that Central Lutheran remains faithful to our Lord in serving Him and His Church for future generations.

Central Lutheran School began with conversations among congregational leaders at Emanuel Lutheran Church, Martini Lutheran Church, and St. Paul Lutheran Church in 1949. While each of these congregations had their own parish school, church leaders had the foresight to see that an association school could potentially utilize congregational resources in a more efficient way.


Building began in earnest with donations made from local farmers of equipment, parts, and even labor. In fact, members of our three congregations made the trip to southern Indiana to pick up the limestone that makes up the exterior walls of our building. Central Lutheran School opened its doors to students for the 1951-52 school year.  

Over the years, the school has grown with building projects taking place every 10 to 15 years.  Programs have been added as well, with Central Lutheran adding Kindergarten, then full-day Kindergarten, and now a Preschool program for children ages three to five.

Central has maintained a variety of activities for students over the years as well. Students have the opportunity to take part in dramatic arts and both vocal and instrumental music programs. Volleyball and basketball teams have won city, state, and/or national titles. Central Lutheran’s teachers continue a tradition of seeking ways to reach out to students with new programs. Over the years, Central has offered home economics, robotics, gifted & talented programs, and chess club to name a few examples of teachers seeking to serve our students.

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